Innovative Device Educates You on Your Shower

Many people consider themselves at least mildly educated on water conservation. While it is common knowledge to not let the water run while brushing our teeth or not taking an extra-long shower, people around the globe still do these things. It is not until people gain a better awareness of their habits that they are able to change them. Sometimes, seeing truly is believing.

Green Starts Here’s device, The Shower Saver, is the perfect monitoring device to educate both people and their children about their showers. The Shower Saver offers real-time data about shower length and water consumption.

The simple, informative display shows the length of the shower at the top and the amount of water used at the bottom. With level green being “good to go” and level red being “get out you’re wasting water,” this device is as easy as a stoplight to follow. The Shower Saver makes you more aware of how your shower affects your overall household water use and helps encourage you to make a more sustainable decision when it comes to showering.

With an automatic start/stop, people never have to worry about turning their device on or off. When it comes to changing batteries, people will know well in advance when their rechargeable battery needs to be charged by the battery indicator in the top right corner. Additionally, The Shower Saver is simple and easy to install; it requires no plumbing skills. This innovative product helps people gain knowledge and save both money and the planet. When purchasing products like this, people have almost nothing to lose, yet they have so much they can gain.

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