How to Detect a Water Leak

Many tips online about detecting home water leaks suggest numerous steps that can take up time and money. Some examples include:

  • Make sure no water is being used inside or outside your home
  • Locate your water meter and check the leak detector
  • Learn how to read the leak detector on your water meter
  • Monitor your water bill for unknown hikes that may indicate ongoing leaks

These steps have continually provided useful solutions to detecting leaks but they can take up time and money for the homeowner. This is why they should install DRiY by Ark Labs.

How to detect leaks with DRiY:

  • Install DRiY almost anywhere in your home
  • Use the mobile app that links DRiY to your mobile device
  • Let the artificial intelligence by DRiY detect any household leaks
  • Once DRiY detects the leak your phone will be notified
  • Once you have been notified you can shut off the water supply from you app even away from home

DRiY by Ark Labs makes water leak detection much simpler than most of the steps taken to detect them. For more information on installing using DRiY as your home leak detection system visit our website.