How The Ark Can Help

Living in the United States enables American’s to have an unlimited amount of water supply. Having this resource in such abundance, we forget to realize that it is so limited. Water cannot be produced. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), leaks can allow a house to waste around 10,000 gallons of water every year. In the United States alone, households lose over 1 trillion gallons of water in total each year. Ten percent of American homes waste 90 gallons of water on a day-to-day basis.

A faucet that leaks could waste almost 10 gallons every day. A toilet or a loose shower head could add up to almost 800 gallons of water wasted each year. Identifying your family’s water waste problem can be a hassle. Constantly having to check the water meter or doing not-so-simple DIY’s to prevent your family from wasting water is not the most effective plan. There has to be a plan to prevent all of the water waste that is crippling the world.

Here is how we can help. The Ark Labs can help your home save over 10 gallons of water per day. They have created a water monitoring device that tracks how much water you use daily. Not only does the device monitor your home’s water-use, it also has the ability to notify your phone if an excess amount of water has been used. This app gives the customer the option to turn off their water source to prevent unneeded water consumption. The device can identify leaks or a surplus of water usage to lower the statistics that set back out country on water efficiency.

The Ark Labs is creating a more attentive perspective for Americans so they can get on board and help impact the world for water conservation.
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