Hotels In Need Of Water Monitoring Device To Prevent Damage

Imagine little Sally’s parents took her on a dream vacation to Disney World and they stayed in a nearby hotel on the top floor. They had the best time, but when the vacation was over, they had to pack up and go home.

As mom and dad carried out the luggage, little Sally was making a mess in the hotel bathroom. She put several items in the sink and then turned the faucet on.

Mom and dad were so busy that they didn’t notice Sally had left the water running, and their little family went on their way back home.

When cleaning services finally went in to clean the room, the floor was flooded and it had started to leak down to floors below it.

Now, imagine the shock and horror that came over hotel management and hotel owners when they found out. Also imagine how much many it cost them to repair all that the water damaged.

There is no solid data for how much money hotel chains spend on water damage due to leaks and running faucets, but if the insurance industry pays out $5 billion in claims every year due to water damage, imagine how much money hotels are spending on water damage every year.

What if there was a way to ensure you could monitor each hotel room’s water usage and be alerted when someone like little Sally has left the water running for hours?

DRiY by Ark Labs is the solution for hotels to ensure they won’t be spending their revenue on water damage repairs ever again. They can use the device with machine learning technology and a remote shutoff valve to monitor the water usage in each room and send an alert via the Ark Labs app if something goes wrong.

DRiY is a hotel manager’s new best friend.