Home Water Monitoring Device

Many families are concerned about the repercussions of water damage. Not only does repair to water damage cost large amounts of money, it also can take your feeling of safety and security within your home environment. The monitoring system not only prevents water overflow, it also can save you water and money when used efficiently.

How Does it Work?

The company has developed a home water meter that comes with a shutoff valve that can be controlled from a remote location. The system uses artificial intelligence and is easy to use. The water monitoring device, DRiY, tracks your usage over time so that it learns how much water you use. It can then send you a mobile alert when there is an abnormality with the use. If you are concerned you can then shut off the water using your smartphone. Users can also check the patterns of water on the app to ensure that they are using water to best meet their financial and conservation needs.

There are two different types of DRiY systems available. Both systems are around the same price, but offer different features depending on the needs of your home. The second system also has a monthly payment because of the extended service it offers to your family. For more information take a look at the products online, or contact the company using the email input page that is located on their website.

The Company

The headquarters for Ark Labs is located in Alabama, but products can be purchased and shipped from their online website. The team at Ark Labs has over 20 years in the field of business and home improvement. The team has a background in innovation and problem solving within the community, which is evident through the care and commitment that they put into their products and customer service.