Home Owner Peace of Mind

If you’ve ever had a leaky water pipe or other problem with your water system, you know the damage it can cause. This is especially true if you’re not home at the time and have no way of knowing that there’s even an issue. It can be devastating to return home and find water all over the place and your home and its contents damaged. Ark Labs has created a solution for all that. It’s called DRiY, and it’s a whole water monitoring system complete with an automatic water shut off valve.

DRiY works with artificial intelligence software to monitor the water usage in your home. It learns your patterns of use and then alerts you if it finds any anomalies. Because the alert is via an app on your smart phone or tablet, you can see it anywhere and can react in a timely manner if the situation calls for it. You’ll be able to easily determine if you’ve just had an increase in water use or if there is actually a problem with your water system that needs attention.

If you determine that a problem exists, you can shut off your water remotely. Using the DRiY smart phone app, you can turn off all the water to your home with the automatic water shut off valve until you can find the source of the problem. This early detection means you won’t have to worry about your home or your belongings being damaged by leaking water even if you’re far away.

The DriY system from Ark Labs is a significant advance in the area of home water system automation. It helps protect home owners and their property from water damage due to unforeseen leaks and other water system problems. It also allows users to monitor their water usage and cut back if possible for the sake of the environment and their budgets. If you would like more information about How the DriY solution can work in your home, please contact us, and let our DriY solution keep you dry as well.