Hit a Hole in One – Water Saving Tips

As summer weather makes it debut, so do golf clubs. While golf can be played year round, many enjoy hitting the lush greenery in the summer. For many water utility companies, golf courses are their highest water usage customers. This is especially true during the summer time. By implementing just a few changes, golf courses around the world can keep their deep green color while still saving both money and water.

People often choose their golfing location based on the landscape of the course. Maintaining top golf course quality while also supporting a sustainability mission is difficult but not impossible. It is the hills of a golf course that make retaining water a harder task than others. Most golf courses use way more water than they need. A golf course that is trying to use less water should get a professional water audit conducted to help them determine what equipment they need and what they can improve on. Water audits help courses save up to 50% on their water irrigation techniques. With the proper tools and scheduling of irrigation, golf courses can cut their costs and their water usage.

Using reclaimed water to irrigate parts of a golf course is a great way to save money. Reclaimed water is water that is not deemed good enough for drinking, but can still be used for other purposes. While it may not be the best water to irrigate the entire course, reclaimed water can be used for the roughs and the fairways. Additionally, it can also be used for toilets as long as it is completely separate from the potable water supply.

One of the fastest growing trends in the water world, the use of storm and rainwater also has a place on the golf course. This water is best used during the dry months when rain is scarce. It is usually collected during the rainy season and stored for later.

Lastly, with all the patrons that frequent golf courses during the summer and the off-season, having water efficient fixtures is a great way for courses to save water. With the amount of people on and off the course, bathrooms are used often. Water efficient fixtures are an effortless way for courses to save a bit of water and money.

With these few tips, golf courses can support their sustainability mission while still making it to their tee time. It does not always have to be a grand gesture that saves water. Every little step is a step in the right direction.


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