Getting Loud About Water Damage

You can’t keep quiet in a world that is so loud.

At Ark Labs, we are being loud about water and the way water damage is affecting a lot of people.

Just today, we heard a story about a woman who was sleeping when a pipe burst in her home. Her husband was away at work and she was caring for their children and their dog. Luckily, she had the situation under control and the water damage was minimal, but what if she wouldn’t have been home?

We know that there’s no way for you to always be home, so we want to fill in that gap for you.

DRiY by Ark Labs is loud in the best way. The whole house water monitoring device serves as a leak detector. It learns your water and then alerts you when something is “off.”

You don’t have to be home to turn off your water anymore. You can be at the mall, in Hawaii, or in an airplane (that has WiFi of course). Get the alert with the Ark Labs app and shut that water off before it causes major water damage in your home sweet home.

Water damage is quiet and sneaky and hits when you least expect it – so we are going to be loud and call it out before it gets to you.

Don’t let water damage ruin your day, your month, or your year. Get the unparalleled peace of mind that DRiY brings and be loud about it so we can shut water damage up.

Stay DRiY!