From Vacation Home To Construction Zone

“I walked up to my lake house on a beautiful, summer Thursday after work, and when I opened the front door, I got hit by a wall of humidity and it sounded like a waterfall in my house.”

Sandy Rudd thought what was going to be a relaxing weekend at the lake turned out to be the start of a six-month long water damage repair project.

She said the damage started in the upstairs master bathroom, and water was pouring downstairs, ruining the lower level.

“We were basically starting from scratch on 50 percent of the house,” Rudd said. “My husband and I live two hours away and we both work, so it brought on a lot of stress.”

Luckily, a neighbor came to help Rudd turn the water off, SERVPRO came out shortly after, and her insurance company was helpful, but that didn’t stop the money and time spent driving back and forth to do repairs from May until November.

“It ceased to be a vacation home we enjoyed,” she said. “We would say, ‘Ugh, we have to go to the lake house and meet with contractors.’ We couldn’t have company and we couldn’t enjoy a single day of the entire lake season.”

Rudd said she and her husband had to spend a lot of money that they did not intend to spend right away. While the insurance company worked with them, they did require a remote shut off water valve be installed at their lake house.

Rudd said the comparison between before and after her experience with DRiY by Ark Labs is “night and day.”

“Ark Labs has been great to work with,” she said. “With the water shut off system, I just have peace of mind knowing that we’re never gonna have this happen again.”

She said having a DRiY device in her house is simply “sane.”

“I get an alert on my phone and it’s awesome and my water shuts off,” she said.

Her piece of advice to absolutely everyone is to get a DRiY device before water damage rather than after.

“You don’t wanna run that risk,” Rudd said. “Trust me.”

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