Freshwater Safety is at Risk Due to Climate Change

The welfare of our freshwater could be at risk from the blistering heat. This a breakdown on how the heat is effecting our water source. Water is allocated throughout the planet, 98 percent of our water is in the ocean and only two percent is freshwater. Of that two percent, 70 percent is snow and ice, 30 percent is under the ground, and 0.5 percent is surface water. This narrows down the water that is actually usable by a landslide.

Climate change affects our water source by melting the freshwater glaciers. When the glaciers melt into the ocean we lose water, because the freshwater flows into the ocean, making it unusable. Another big factor that climate change impacts is the increased rain. When the weather is warmer it enables the atmosphere to hold more water. Unfortunately, when there is more rain it speeds up the evaporation process. The water in the atmosphere falls back into the ocean before we can store and use the water.

Climate change is not the only factor impacting our freshwater security. In America alone, we waste almost seven billion gallons of drinking water every day. Water waste is a major issue but can be fixed with education and conservation. The Ark Labs is on a water awareness campaign to educate regarding the effects of water waste and how to conserve. Follow our blog for more information on water conservation and our efforts to curb water waste.

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