Ethiopia’s Worst Drought in Fifty Years Aided by El Nino

Nearly ten million people in Ethiopia have been affected by this rapidly growing drought. They do not have access to basic drinking water and the agriculture has suffered as a result of the limited supply of water. This puts nearly a half million children at risk for dehydration and malnutrition. Drought is not the only devastation to hit Ethiopia, in 1983-1985 they were hit with a famine that has been aided by an on-going drought. Is El Nino helping the effects of the drought in Ethiopia?

The foundation for this year’s drought in Ethiopia is the El Nino weather pattern.  It has affected the United States with extreme blizzards and rainy weather. Africa is experiencing the heat backlash from El Nino and Ethiopia has also been facing scorching heat which adds to the lack of water. Estimated, they need almost 1.4 billion dollars in humanitarian assistance to support the stressed population in Ethiopia (they have received about half that amount). Money is not the only way to support Ethiopia, they also need to get their message spread globally.

Water awareness and conservation is crucial for our future. The Ark Labs are trying to help spread the significance for water conservation. By allocating the message for water awareness and conservation we will be five steps ahead for our water’s future.

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