Electronic Water Shut Off Valve

In the last few years, the supply of water for domestic use has reduced drastically. As a consequence, homeowners are advised to use water efficiently. In some areas, the authorities have introduced huge fines for anyone found to be wasting this valuable resource. Therefore, it is important for you to have a system where even if you are not around the house, you will be in a position to shut down running water to avoid wastage. An electronic water shut off valve is the device that every homeowner should install to avoid the damages that may arise from overflowing water. The device can prevent property damages that may be caused by water leakages.

Damages Caused by Overflowing/Leaking Water

Water leakage in a house can result in a huge loss to the homeowner. The effects of water leakage include:

  • Water overflow can destroy plumbing equipment
  • Damage to electronics and furniture
  • Water leakages increases the water bill
  • It destroy tiles and carpets
  • It may be expensive to clean the mess left behind by the overflow

How the Device Work

The device utilizes a control panel that is plugged in a standard outlet. A transformer is used to supply power that is in turn used to control the valve. The equipment has sensors that are placed in strategic places to detect a water leak and immediately send an electrical signal to the control panel, thus activating the shut off valve.

Benefits of an Electronic Water Shut Off Valve

The following are the benefits of having this device in your house.

  • Additional property protection
  • Conserves water
  • Potential insurance savings
  • Peace of mind
  • The device can be integrated with automation and home security systems

The Ultimate Choice

The best electronic water shut off valve in the market is DRiY. It is a smart water monitoring device that has a remote shut off valve powered by an artificial intelligence software. The device detects an anomaly in the flow of water and notifies the homeowner who shut the water down remotely using a mobile phone. As opposed to other devices, DRiy is connected to a mobile phone, meaning that the homeowner can avoid huge loss arising from leakage of water even if he/she is far away from home. The artificial intelligence software makes it stand out from others, as the accuracy and speed of response are out of this world. Every homeowner should install this device for maximum protection from damages arising from water leaks.