El Nino’s Effect on California

Could El Nino’s weather pattern help California out of their drought? Some places have received more rain than California has received all year. California’s rain fall has double since last year; regrettably, it would take months of rain to reverse the effects of the drought in California.

El Nino’s Effect on CaliforniaThis shows the drought levels of California from January 26, 2016.

Could we help assist El Nino’s generous rainfall and create a duo that would collaborate and help with the idea to get California out of their drought?

The Ark Labs are helping fight back against the world water crisis.  If we could conserve the water in California, we would essentially be helping them reverse the effects of their drought. El Nino is bringing in more water in California. Now there needs to be a conservation plan for their state and any other state that have experienced water shortages. The products that the Ark Labs have produced are forming a revolution for water conservation.

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