DRiY – Water Usage Monitor that Cuts Cost and Waste

Typically, homeowners will look for ways they can prevent water leaks or cut down on water bills. Most water monitoring devices focus on identifying leaks so the homeowner can fix the problem. Preventing water leaks is not the only issue of water in the home. Cutting back the costs of water bills is also something all homeowners want to do so they have more money in their pockets for other things. This is why DRiY is the best water usage monitor to install in your home. It is not only a leak detection system, but it tracks your water usage through artificial intelligence. This allows you to visually see how much water you are using, location where most water is used, and the amount of time water is used simply by looking at your mobile app.


How Does the Water Usage Monitor Work?

DRiY learns the water usage of your home by constant monitoring. It is linked to your mobile app where this tracks how much water you are using, location of usage, and time spent over various time periods. This information is then used in charts so the user can easily see how much water they are using. This makes cutting back on waste and costs much easier and efficient.


Benefits of Using DRiY by Ark Labs for Water Usage Monitoring:

  • Less time spent thinking about how to cut back on water costs
  • Increased mindfulness of how and where to cut back on water usage
  • Smaller water expenses
  • More money in your pocket for things you enjoy
  • Water leak prevention and water usage understanding through the simplicity of DRiY smart technology

For more information please visit our website at https://thearklabs.com/#home.