DRiY Water Consumption Meter

One of the most frustrating things about water consumption meters is that they are typically located outside in the ground, in a concrete box. This takes up time and energy for business owners who have more important tasks going on. This is why Ark Labs has created DRiY, a water consumption meter to make water tracking much more efficient. Ark Labs knows that businesses incentivize saving money and cutting back on waste so this is why we have created DRiY.

DRiY is easily installed and fits almost anywhere in the business. Once it starts monitoring it constantly collects water use data. It is also powered by artificial intelligence so it is linked to an app on your phone. The water use data that is being constantly collected is also being transferred to your phone so you can easily look at the data by the app. This eliminates having to learn how to read a water meter and having to waste time locating it.

There are many benefits to using DRiY as your business’s water consumption meter. But the greatest ones are how much time you will save when cutting back on your water use and you will cut back on the steps during the process. For more infornation on using DRiY as your business’s water consumption meter visit our website.