DRiY the Wifi Water Valve

Conventional water valves have undoubtedly been a great service to home and business owners but DRiY by Ark Labs is powered by artificial intelligence that allows it to be a wifi water valve.  DRiY takes water protection to the next level.

How DRiY is the Best Wifi Water Valve:

  • It’s easily installed and fits almost anywhere in your home
  • Immediately monitors water flow
  • Independently learns the water flow of your home
  • Instantly detects a leak in your home
  • Paired with an app on your mobile device
  • Once leak is detected your phone will be immediately notified
  • Access to shut off water supply with your phone even away from home

These features are what makes DRiY the most efficient wifi water valve on the market. It eliminates manually cutting off the valve and having to waste time listening and looking for a leak because DRiY does this for you. For more information on installing DRiY as your wifi water valve visit our website.