DRiY the Wifi Water Valve

All businesses want to look for ways in which they can safeguard their businesses from unexpected nuisances like leaks. Many leak detection devices have been useful for businesses bit Ark Labs has used smart technology and artificial intelligence to create DRiY. DRiY is a smart wifi water valve and provides 24/7 protection as well as eliminates most of the manual steps taken to prevent leaks.

DRiY can be easily installed almost anywhere in your business or commercial building and it immediately starts monitoring the water at a constant pace. Due to the constant monitoring it will immediately detect a leak or any other sort of abnormal behavior in the water. As well as independently learn the water system because some water leak detectors- even powered by smart technology require commands. As soon as a leak has been detected your app will be notified and you can shut off the water supply even when you are away from your business. This lets you constantly control the water in or out of your business so you can have peace of mind that you are not losing money or damage is being caused by preventable leaks.

The main benefit of use DRiY as your wifi water valve is how much time and money you will save. DRiY does away with almost all of the manual steps taken for leak prevention. So you no longer have to worry about unnoticed leaks and you can control the water no matter your location, allowing your business to be protected at all times. For more information on using DRiY as your wifi water valve visit our website.