DRiY the Water Consumption Meter

Water meters are important for businesses because they track how much water is being used and this allows businesses to gauge how to cut back on water use. But most water consumption meters are located in a concrete box outside,and require special reading or professional services. These steps can be time consuming so Ark Labs has created DRiY to be the latest water consumption meter to make water monitoring even more efficient.

Once DRiY has been installed it immediately starts monitoring the water and collecting data. DRiY is also powered by artificial intelligence so it is linked to an app on your phone. The data that is collected is also continuously transferred to your app so you can always see how much water is being used.

The benefit of this is that you can efficiently cut your business’s water use back without all of the manual steps that require locating and reading your conventional water meter. Ark Labs focuses on efficiency and using DRiY as your water consumption meter will make this process much easier. For more information on installing DRiY visit our website.