DRiY the Smart Water Valve for Commercial Buildings

Regular water meter valves usually require understanding the valve, learning how to do a leak detection test (contingent on the type of meter you have), and learning the different methods to detect the location of a leak, also using professional services that can be costly. But you can cut down on your water meter bill by installing a smart water water valve. This is why you should install DRiY by Ark Labs.

Once DRiY has been installed it immediately learns the water flow of your home and detects abnormal behavior and leaks. Once a leak is detected your phone will be notified immediately and allow you to shut the water off with your phone since it’s a smart water valve. This allows you to save time by eliminating the manual steps taken when reading and locating leaks with a regular water meter due to the smart technology used to power DRiY. Not only does it function as a smart water valve, but it functions also as a water meter since it constantly monitors the water usage of the commercial building. DRiY then collects data and it is readily viewable through charts on your phone. For more information on installing DRiY for your smart water valve visit our website.