DRiY the Latest Wifi Water Meter for Your Home

Water meters have been a useful resource for homes and businesses for many years but as smart technology has become more and more prevalent the United States has seen a gradual movement towards smarter homes. The way Ark Labs has entered the market for smarter homes is by designing DRiY. DRiY is a wifi water meter that is powered by artificial intelligence and makes using a conventional water meter not as necessary as before. The reason being because once DRiY has been installed it immediately and instantly learns the water flow of your home. Once a leak has been detected your app will be notified and allow you to shut off the system even away from home.

DRiY functions as a smart water meter through wifi and prevents you from having to do all of the manual steps taken when using a conventional water meter. You no longer have to locate the meter outside or learn how to specifically read the certain meter that you have in order to see how much water you are using and how to locate a leak. DRiY does these steps for you by simply notifying your app and collecting the data to be transferred as charts on your phone. So you can easily control a leak and see how much water you’re using in your household.

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