DRiY the Electric Water Shut off Valve for Commercial Buildings

When it comes to water leaks in businesses and commercial buildings owners will typically employ professional services in order to cut down on time spent dealing with the leak. The downfall of this is that professional services can be very costly and forces the business to dip into their profit they could be making. DRiY by Ark Labs is an electric water shut off valve that is made to monitor buildings with many occupants and floors and can control the water on every floor and room in a building.

DRiY is powered by artificial intelligence that makes safeguarding a business from leaks even more efficient because it cuts back on the manual steps taken for leak prevention as well as the services used that cost a lot of money. DRiY doesn’t require invasive installation and it fits almost anywhere in the building. Once a leak has been detected it will immediately notify the user since it is linked to an app on a phone or any other smart device. Once a leak has been detected DRiY will operate as an electric water shut off valve when the user shuts the water off with their phone. So the user can control the water supply 24/7 from any given location.

There are many benefits to using DRiY but the greatest ones are how much money and time the owner will save by installing it- as well as the peace of mind from knowing their building is protected from leaks and damage at all times. For more information on using DRiY as an electric water shut off valve visit our website.