DRiY for Wireless Water Meter Monitoring

As the world is becoming more encompassed with smart technology we are seeing a gradual shift from smart phones to smart homes. This is making conventional water meter monitoring less of a necessity because of all the manual steps required when locating and learning how to read it. As a society driven by efficiency Ark Labs has created a new and competitive method to wireless water meter monitoring. They have created DRiY which has gone even further to simplify the process of wireless water meter monitoring already on the market. We’ve found that most wireless water meters track the water use more efficiently but the display of the use is located somewhere in the home or business. As well as those that are linked to an app require commands so the wireless meter can learn the water system of the location.

DRiY by Ark Labs goes even further so these methods aren’t required by the user. Once it’s been installed DRiY immediately monitors the water flow of your home. Not only does it immediately start monitoring it constantly monitors the water flow and independent learns your usage, no commands required. DRiY is linked to an app on your phone and the constant monitoring collects data which is then transferred to your app so you can easily read your water use through charts, even away from home. This makes wireless water meter monitoring much more efficient for the user since they can do this by their phone and even when they’re away from home.

For more information on installing DRiY for more efficient wireless water meter monitoring visit our website.