Dive into Summer – Water Efficiency Swimming Pool Tips

As summer approaches and the weather becomes warmer, more people are escaping the heat in their swimming pools. While pools are a wonderful way to cool off, they can also waste a lot of water, especially in the summertime. Instead of giving up your pool time altogether, follow these water efficiency tips and tricks to help you and your pool save money and reduce water usage.

  • Use a pool cover- using a pool cover will reduce water loss caused by evaporation. During the summer, a pool cover can save you about 1 lost inch of water per week! Additionally, pool covers reduce debris from floating into your pool while not in use and help save money on heating costs.
  • Repair leaks- routinely check for leaks in your pool and have them repaired as soon as possible! Leaking pipes and tile cracks can be not only dangerous, but also have a costly effect if not taken care of properly.
  • Reduce the temperature- if your pool is heated, reduce the temperature to the lowest comfortable setting, especially during the summer. Warm water evaporates faster.
  • Lower the water level- keeping a lower water level reduces the occurrence of water loss due to splashing and water play.
  • Clean your filter and maintain chemical levels- a clean filter will work more efficiently, therefore, using less water. Maintaining proper chemical levels will keep your pool clean and safe so you do not have to drain it in order to correct the levels.
  • Shut off fountains and waterfalls- only run fountains and waterfalls when entertaining guests. Significant water loss occurs when aeration is running.

With the use of these tips, you can dive into summer without stressing about seeing a significant increase on your water bill.

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