Detect Commercial Water Leaks

Every business and commercial location wants to save money and cut back on waste of resources like water. They want to do this in order to cut back on their total production costs. A way to do this more efficiently is by installing DRiY by Ark Labs to safeguard your business. DRiY is more advanced than most water leak detectors because it uses artificial intelligence to power it.

Once DRiY has been installed it immediately starts monitoring the water system of your business. It also constantly monitors the water so it independently learns the water flow. What makes DRiY even more great is how it’s linked to an app on a smart device. So once a leak or any abnormal behavoir has been detected it will immediately notify the app and allow the user to shut off the water in case a leak is happening when the owner is away and unable to control the water leak. This is a huge benefit of using DRiY because many times water leaks occur in commercial buidlings while the owner or other people are away, so now the business no longer has to worry about undetected leaks and damage as the result.

Many owners will benefit from using DRiY that range from local shops, dental offices, schools, municipal buildings, company offices, etc. For more information on using DRiY to detect commercial water leaks visit our website