Copper Pipe Corrosion with Ark Labs

One of the main causes of copper pipe corrosion is high velocity in the water. But with regular leak detectors they typically don’t pick up on this instantly. DRiY is a water leak detector that is powered by artificial intelligence that allows it to be multipurpose.

Once DRiY has been installed it immediately monitors the water and learns the water flow of your commercial building or business by constant monitoring. So when abnormal behavior such as high water velocity in a copper pipe, DRiY will immediately detect this and inform you since it’s linked to an app on your phone. When you’ve been notified of this you can then shut off the water supply immediately from your building or take further steps contingent to your situation.

Benefits of DRiY:

  • Immediate detection and notification of a leak/abnormal behavior not matter your location
  • Ability to shut off your water supply simply by your mobile app
  • Prevention of long term damage and pinhole leaks
  • Saved time and money

For more information on preventing copper pipe corrosion with DRiY visit our website.