Conserving Water Just Got a Whole Lot Easier: Here’s How

The EPA estimates that over 1 TRILLION gallons of water are wasted annually nationwide due to household leaks alone. This comes out to nearly 10,000 gallons for each residence. With the current water crisis that certain parts of our country are going through, it is simply not responsible to waste this much. Thankfully, The Ark Labs has a solution with DRiY. Our device is an automatic water leak detection and shut-off system that connects to a home’s wifi and sends real-time data to an app on the user’s phone.

This may sound a little complicated, but it’s quite simple. The device is equipped with an advanced artificial intelligence system that can learn your patterns of water usage and detect when a leak occurs. Then, it notifies you immediately via the app and (here’s the cool part) gives you the power to shut-off their water from anywhere in the world. In all reality, all you need to do is install the device and then sit back and let it do its thing!

However, for those data nuts who are on a mission to save as much water as possible, we have the perfect solution for you. DRiY keeps track of your water usage and updates the data in the cloud every 2 minutes. So, you can use this data to break down your usage by each action at each time to see where your inefficiencies are – and improve on them! (examples: your teenager is taking too long in the shower, toilet uses more water than necessary to flush, etc.)

In closing, conserving water doesn’t have to be a chore. With DRiY by The Ark Labs, it’s easier than ever. On top of that, we provide our users the peace-of-mind that their homes will always be protected from water damage. Do the right thing for your home AND the environment – get DRiY today!