Conservation for Generation Z

For the growth of our generation and the ones to come, we have to implement a way to help the global water crisis. Yet water conservation can be perceived as burden on your day-to-day tasks. But why? There are several effortless ways to conserve the water that is being wasted every day. The first step starts with you. Here are ways to conserve water in each room of your home.


  • Make sure to water your garden during the morning or evening to prevent water evaporation.

The Kitchen

  • Instead of washing each dish individually, fill up the sink and let them soak. Another option is to fill up the dish washer and let technology take the burden off of your Friday night.


  • While you are doing your daily hygienic chores turn off the water in between shaving your face and brushing your teeth.
  • Taking showers is just as efficient and often uses less water than the bathtub.

Laundry Room

  • While loading the washing machine make sure it is filled up to capacity. On average, a washing machine uses about 45 gallons so do not waste water by not filling your washer.

Conservation is the simplest step for our generation to take towards building a healthier and greener life on Earth. Let the Ark Labs assist you in this step.

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