Commercial Leaking Water

Most people who own homes have probably dealt with the annoyance of leaking water. Even when many almost foolproof checks have been done sometimes an area of the home may be missed resulting in leaking water. This makes the homeowner have to continue searching for ways to prevent leaks in the future. Also potentially  losing up to 10 gallons of water forcing them to pay unnecessarily high water bills. After all of these steps to prevent leaking water have been taken, another step to give more peace of mind is installing a water monitoring system.

Most steps taken to prevent leaking water are common household checks and using services that eventually increase personal costs. Even after these methods are taken they may still miss areas throughout the building making water leakage another issue in the future. This is why installing a water monitoring system for the building owner is very important. It picks up unusual behavior in your water system when you are unable to and focuses on prevention rather than fixing the problem.

Many different water monitoring systems have helped building owners prevent leaking water. DRiY by Ark Labs is different than most water monitoring systems because it uses artificial intelligence that allows you to control your water supply even away from the building by using an app on your phone. DRiY is easily installed and can fit in almost all plumbing throughout the building. It is designed to learn the water use in the building and can immediately detect minor leaks up to pipe breakage that can cause great water damage. Once an abnormality has been detected DRiY will immediately notify your phone and let you shut off your water supply with one click. Along with water control away from building the app tracks how much water you are using as well as the time and area where most is being used. This allows the homeowner to be mindful of their water usage and makes efficiency in cutting back on spending and wasteful usage much easier.

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