Coca Cola Takes On Conservation

Back in 2007, Coca Cola was highly criticized from several anti-poverty groups concerning its excessive water use. Since then, Coca Cola made plans to start practicing sustainability. In fact, Coca Cola made the bold goal of replenishing all the water they use by 2020.

Recently, Coca Cola announced that they reached that goal, nearly five years early. They returned just about 200 billion liters of water through almost 300 community projects in over 50 countries. That is over 100% of the water used in Coca Cola beverages within the last year. Reaching this goal makes Coca Cola the first Fortune 500 company to balance water use throughout all of its plants. Coca Cola is hoping to inspire other Fortune 500 companies, such as Walmart and Apple, to follow in their footsteps.

Although Coca Cola started this initiative due to negative criticism, it is the positive impacts on the environment and their image that is going to keep them going. Hopefully many other companies will follow in their footsteps. The more people realize that they are a part of the problem, the better chance the world has at having a more sustainable future. 

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