Celebrating Fix A Leak Week with a free water monitoring device

Those of us in the “water world” are celebrating Fix A Leak Week to raise awareness of leaks in homes that are wasting 1 trillion gallons of water each year.
Those 1 trillion gallons of water are enough to provide over 11 million homes in the U.S. with a year of water. Leaks happen in places like toilets, faucets, and valves.
Some leaks are quick and easy to repair while others turn into major floods and water damage that cost thousands of dollars.
Ark Labs’ part in Fix A Leak Week goes further than just checking for leaks and repairing any you notice – Ark Labs is offering a solution that prevents leaks from ever happening.
Our whole house water monitoring device powered by artificial intelligence is stopping leaks before they start. By learning water usage and alerting you via smart device app when there is a problem, DRiY by Ark Labs allows you to shut your water off from wherever in the world you are.
We are fixing leaks by eliminating them. We are saving water by improving water efficiency. We are saving money by stopping water damage. 
To celebrate Fix A Leak Week, we gave away one free DRiY device during our social media contest giveaway. Katherine Hardiman Greene will receive her DRiY device this week so she can install it and prevent water damage during a week when leak prevention is stressed the most.
We are saving water one drop at a time, one household at a time, and Fix A Leak Week is one of our favorite weeks to remind everyone to be a little more conscious of what’s going on with the water where you are.
Stay DRiY!