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Know your water to save your water

It’s never a bad time to make changes to save water.

Many parts of the world are in a water crisis and many have recently experienced drought.

According to, 95% of the water used in the average American household each day is wasted. Sixty percent of water is lost annually because of leaky pipes, and 127% more water is used today than it was in the year 1950.

Now, there are steps you can take like taking shorter showers, minimizing running bathtubs, washing fewer loads of laundry, turning the faucet off when you brush your teeth. All of these habits, and many more, can save water.

But more than good habits and lifestyle changes, a device that learns your patterns and can show you just how much water your house is using and where it is being wasted could really change the game.

That’s where Ark Labs comes in and rocks your water world.

If there’s a leak, the Ark Labs app notifies you. Then, you can either shut your water off with the app or fix the leak issue and not only save water but save money as well.

When there’s a spike in your usage, the Ark Labs app notifies you and you can, again, shut the water off, or find out where the spike is coming from, allowing you to yet again save water and save money.

People are always looking for ways to go green and leave our planet better than we found it. A smart water learning device is a huge way to do that. Aside from the peace of mind it gives you for your home and the steps it takes to prevent major water damage, it gives you peace of mind for a bigger home, our planet, and leads you down the right path to save water and become more aware of how you are using water in your house.

You can certainly do all the things mentioned earlier in the blog: quicker showers, not running water when  you brush your teeth, etc., but the first step before you make any change to save water is to find out WHERE you need to make those changes.

Saving water should be a priority. Head over to our website and our Facebook and Twitter for more information and plenty of tips to save water.

Smart homes are changing the world and the future

How nice would it be to leave your home and be able to monitor everything that happens there from  your smart phone?

Smart devices are taking over, creating smart homes. Smart homes are changing lives one at a time, and, in turn, changing the world.

Peace of mind is priceless. There is no price high enough for the value of peace of mind.

There are devices that learn your patterns and give you that peace of mind. For instance, Nest learns your heating and cooling patterns and gives you peace of mind when it comes to your thermostat.

The Ark Labs offers the same smart home peace of mind for your water. You can leave your smart home and know it’s being just that – smart.

The machine learning section of the Ark Labs device learns your unique patterns in order to notify you when those patterns mess up. You don’t have to do any extra work – the smart home water device does it for you.

There are several advantages to having a smart home. You have

  1. Control at your fingertips
  2.  Safety
  3. Energy efficiency
  4. Cost effectiveness
  5. Accessibility

Direct Energy says smart homes lead to savings in energy and upkeep costs, making your every day life easier and more efficient.

Water is a necessity and it affects lives in so many ways. Many do not have clean water to drink, many experience droughts, and many experience extreme water damage because of mishaps with water.

Of all the things a smart home can monitor, water is one of the most important. Aside from the damage prevention it provides, The Ark Labs device is making your home smarter by changing the way you use water.

By using The Ark Labs device, you can confidently say, “My home is smarter than yours.”

There is no home like a smart home.

Smart water devices play huge role during drought

In the midst of a drought, we are desperately in need of water conservation in any and all ways. One perk of The Ark Labs device is the bridge it builds for users to save water.

By learning and monitoring water patterns, users can see when they are using water, how much, and where to make a change and conserve more water. Not only does this help the user to save money, but it helps the environment and really comes in handy in times like these when we experience serious droughts.

By using a device like The Ark Labs device, you can pay close attention to the areas where you need to conserve more water. A large area of concern during a time of drought is watering plants, so if your Ark Labs app shows you a high volume of water usage with hoses, you know that you need to find ways to conserve water by using rain or leftover drinking water to water your plants.

Droughts can be very detrimental to crops and can cause so many other problems to the environment. The Huffington Post said this is the worst drought Alabama has seen in at least a decade. Wildlife is dying, and wildfires are consuming land all because of the drought.

Alabama isn’t the only state experiencing a drought. California, Oregon, and Nevada along with several other states are in an extreme drought.

There is never a bad time to start making changes to conserve water. There are many countries who do not have clean water to drink, droughts, shortages, and so many reasons why you should use a device like The Ark Labs device to monitor your usage and start to conserve to prepare and always be ahead of the game.

Ark Labs tapped to pitch at Web Summit 2016 in Portugal

Web Summit is “Europe’s Largest Technical Marketplace” and Ark Labs is the first startup from Alabama to be invited to attend. Ark Labs, founded in 2015, has developed a whole house smart water monitoring device that is equipped with a remote shutoff valve and empowered by machine learning software.

Ark Labs will travel to Lisbon, Portugal for Web Summit on November 6 with more than 1,500 other companies and 50,000 attendees. Not only were we asked to attend, but we were also selected as one of 200 companies to pitch our product on stage. Then, the icing on top was being asked to also present on the machine learning stage and demonstrate how our device works.

Ark Labs is making a huge splash around the world with our water-saving device. We are saving every drop of water, one house at a time. With a solution that learns your water patterns and alerts you when something is wrong, it’s no wonder we are getting worldwide attention.

Headquartered in Florence, AL, Ark Labs was founded to deliver peace of mind while preventing water damage and helping the end user understand ways to conserve water.
Conserving water is not only helpful, but necessary in a time when there is a global water crisis.

The Water Project, Inc. says, “Clean, safe drinking water is scarce. Today, nearly 1 billion people in the developing world don’t have access to it. Yet, we take it for granted, we waste it…” The Water Project also says that 783 million people in the world do not have clean water and half of the world’s hospital beds are filled with people suffering from a water-related illness.

To bring it closer to home, even more recently, we have been experiencing less rain, and in many areas of America, there is an ongoing drought. Several sites have reported that more than half of Alabama is in a drought right now.

Ark Labs understands the importance of water conservation, not just to save money, but to save water for desperate times like these.

More and more major companies and government agencies are focusing on their environmental impact and making changes to build sustainable ecosystems. The Ark is the perfect tool to help these governments and companies make steps toward better, more sustainable ecosystems by showing them their water patterns, saving water, and preventing any type of damage that would set them back.

Ark Labs has so much to offer and we are thrilled that we are being recognized around the world with major conferences like Web Summit.

Web Summit is an amazing opportunity and we are so honored to be attending, presenting, and representing Alabama, North Alabama, and Florence. Companies like Facebook, Amazon, Tinder, Birchbox, and so many other thinkers, doers, actors, and investors will be at the conference.

We will be among an elite group and we are looking forward to telling the world about our product and about the amazing startup community in Alabama.

Benefits of Bettering Businesses in a Sustainable Way

Converting your business into an ecofriendly one is no longer just a trend. In fact, these days, it is more of a way of life. Thousands of companies have made an obvious contribution to the environment by converting their practices into more sustainable ones. Imagine if even a small percentage of the millions of businesses in this world chose to swap to a more sustainable way of running their business. The benefits and possibilities of this outcome would be endless.

More than half of customers said that a company’s impact on the environment plays into their decision of buying products and using services. Customers are more likely to buy from a business with sustainable practices. As proven by various companies, switching to more sustainable practices has its perks, including improving their brand awareness.

Here are some key changes a company can make to transform themselves into a sustainability success story.

  • Water conservation- conserving water can save both water and energy. Water can easily be conserved by changing to water-efficient appliances, repairing leaks, and being mindful about water use.
  • Waste- the best way to reduce waste is to produce less waste. This will save money on the removal of waste and cut costs in other areas. Additionally, companies should focus on the three famous words- reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever it is possible.
  • Energy- companies should really look into changing their energy sources. Whether it be wind, solar, or hydro powered, this change could make a huge impact. These sources can be installed onsite or recently, directly from the utility company.
  • Air pollution- simple changes can help companies reduce the amount of harmful emissions they leak into the air. With the help of many certified products, companies can reduce their emissions without any effort.

Becoming a sustainable business not only helps the environment, but it also increases productivity, reduces cost, attracts employees and investors, reduces waste, and satisfies shareholders. While this change does take time and money, the positives outweigh the financial negatives. In fact, companies will likely end up saving money in the future.

Innovative Device Educates You on Your Shower

Many people consider themselves at least mildly educated on water conservation. While it is common knowledge to not let the water run while brushing our teeth or not taking an extra-long shower, people around the globe still do these things. It is not until people gain a better awareness of their habits that they are able to change them. Sometimes, seeing truly is believing.

Green Starts Here’s device, The Shower Saver, is the perfect monitoring device to educate both people and their children about their showers. The Shower Saver offers real-time data about shower length and water consumption.

The simple, informative display shows the length of the shower at the top and the amount of water used at the bottom. With level green being “good to go” and level red being “get out you’re wasting water,” this device is as easy as a stoplight to follow. The Shower Saver makes you more aware of how your shower affects your overall household water use and helps encourage you to make a more sustainable decision when it comes to showering.

With an automatic start/stop, people never have to worry about turning their device on or off. When it comes to changing batteries, people will know well in advance when their rechargeable battery needs to be charged by the battery indicator in the top right corner. Additionally, The Shower Saver is simple and easy to install; it requires no plumbing skills. This innovative product helps people gain knowledge and save both money and the planet. When purchasing products like this, people have almost nothing to lose, yet they have so much they can gain.

To purchase The Shower Saver on Amazon:

Belgian Scientists Taking Water from “Sewer to Brewer”

With today’s technology, scientists across the globe are always discovering new ways to treat wastewater for more uses. Scientists at Ghent University have created a unique machine that uses solar energy to convert urine into drinkable water and fertilizer. The scientists hope this technology can be applied in developing countries.

The technology itself is quite simple. Urine is collected in a large tank and heated using a solar powered boiler. Then, the heated urine passes through a membrane that separates the water from its nutrients. Nutrients such as potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus can all be used to make fertilizer. The clean water can be collected for use. This technology could be extremely useful in rural and underdeveloped areas.

Scientists recently tested out this machine at a 10-day music festival. They got people involved by using the hashtag #PeeForScience. At the festival, the scientists were able to recover over 1000 liters of water from the festival goers. They plan to use that water and convert it into beer, a Belgian specialty. By converting the festival water into beer, the scientists are able to “give back.” First the people drank beer, then they peed at the festival, the water was collected, and now it is being converted back into beer. This machine essentially creates a “circle of life.”

Although people are often skeptical of wastewater treatments, this technology could be extremely useful for the less fortunate parts of the world. Innovative devices such as this one impact the world in such a positive way that it may spur other people to try and do the same.

Dive into Summer – Water Efficiency Swimming Pool Tips

As summer approaches and the weather becomes warmer, more people are escaping the heat in their swimming pools. While pools are a wonderful way to cool off, they can also waste a lot of water, especially in the summertime. Instead of giving up your pool time altogether, follow these water efficiency tips and tricks to help you and your pool save money and reduce water usage.

  • Use a pool cover- using a pool cover will reduce water loss caused by evaporation. During the summer, a pool cover can save you about 1 lost inch of water per week! Additionally, pool covers reduce debris from floating into your pool while not in use and help save money on heating costs.
  • Repair leaks- routinely check for leaks in your pool and have them repaired as soon as possible! Leaking pipes and tile cracks can be not only dangerous, but also have a costly effect if not taken care of properly.
  • Reduce the temperature- if your pool is heated, reduce the temperature to the lowest comfortable setting, especially during the summer. Warm water evaporates faster.
  • Lower the water level- keeping a lower water level reduces the occurrence of water loss due to splashing and water play.
  • Clean your filter and maintain chemical levels- a clean filter will work more efficiently, therefore, using less water. Maintaining proper chemical levels will keep your pool clean and safe so you do not have to drain it in order to correct the levels.
  • Shut off fountains and waterfalls- only run fountains and waterfalls when entertaining guests. Significant water loss occurs when aeration is running.

With the use of these tips, you can dive into summer without stressing about seeing a significant increase on your water bill.