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Ark Labs Tips on Detecting Water Leaks


Here are some great tips for detecting water leaks:

  • Watch for unexpectedly high water bills
  • Look for mildew or mold forming in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Look for bubbles in wallpaper or paint
  • Look for warped, sagging, or stained walls and ceilings
  • Look for cracked or sagging floors
  • Sense musty or earthy smell that won’t go away
  • Damp or muddy puddles in the yard
  • Do a pre water test
  • Do a screwdriver test
  • Check the dishwasher hoses
  • Look under sinks for water puddles and stains
  • Replace washers and gaskets and indoor and outdoor faucets
  • Check toilets for leaks
  • Check the pressure relief valve on the hot water tank
  • Check the concrete water meter

DRiY by Ark Labs will safeguard your business where all of these steps will not be as necessary as before. The benefits of DRiY is that since these steps will almost be eliminated you have more time to spend on other important issues, as well as less money spent on damage and leaks. For more information on installing DRiY as your business’s leak detection system visit our website.

Bringing the Internet of Things to Commercial Building Water

The internet of things is a continually growing market that gradually makes all elements in our world more and more connected. As we see increased connectivity we are also seeing a move towards smarter homes that makes our everyday lives more efficient. Ark Labs has expanded the internet of things by creating DRiY. DRiY is a smart water monitor that is multipurpose and allows you to have control over your water from any given location.

DRiY is powered by artificial intelligence that allows it to eliminate almost all of the manual steps taken for leak detection and prevention. It does this by independently learning the water flow upon installation. DRiY is also linked to an app on your phone, since it constantly monitors the water use it collects this data that is then viewable on your app. This alleviates having to rely on a conventional water meter to see how much water you are using because the data is already available at your fingertips. Also, DRiY is connected to your water shut off valve so whenever a leak or abnormal water behavior is detected your app will be immediately notified and you can then shut off the water supply from your phone, even away from home. This makes the issue of undetected leaks and finding a leak after an extended period away from home something a home or business owner no longer has to worry about. Which then saves money that would otherwise be wasted on damage and increased water bills.

The internet of things is continually expanding and making commercial buildings smarter and efficient. For more information on using DRiY as your smart water monitor visit our website.

The Outweighing Benefits of Installing a Leak Detection System

When common building leaks occur up to 10 gallons of water can be lost. Many times this water loss can be the result of an unnoticed leaky faucet. Once this happens a commercial building owner may feel compelled to search the internet of ways in which they can prevent leaks for the future. The most efficient way to prevent damage in the future is by installing a leak detection system.

Disadvantages of no leak detection system:

  • Preventable leaks that cause long term damage
  • Unnecessary spending on higher water bills and repair
  • Time spent finding resources to prevent and fix damage

How a Leak Detection System Works:

Leak detection systems work by using sound and typical water flow in the building. If there is a sound in the pipes unfamiliar to the detector it will then spot where a leak may be happening. The system also detects changes in water flow which could be a sign of a building leak.  

Benefits of a leak detection system:

  • Immediate notification of a possible leak
  • Preventing long term water damage
  • Lower expenses on water bills
  • More time enjoying life and not worrying about annoying leaks and damage

Why DRiY by Ark Labs Stands Out from Other Leak Detection Systems:

Most leak detection systems work by picking up unusual sounds by water pipes. DRiY can also do this but it goes farther by using artificial technology that lets the user immediately turn off their water at home simply by using an app on their phone. Along with using the app for immediate water control, it lets the user track their usual water usage. It lets them see how much water they’re using as well as the time. With this information at hand, this lets users control their water usage and cut down on expenses and waste.

Commercial Leaking Water

Most people who own homes have probably dealt with the annoyance of leaking water. Even when many almost foolproof checks have been done sometimes an area of the home may be missed resulting in leaking water. This makes the homeowner have to continue searching for ways to prevent leaks in the future. Also potentially  losing up to 10 gallons of water forcing them to pay unnecessarily high water bills. After all of these steps to prevent leaking water have been taken, another step to give more peace of mind is installing a water monitoring system.

Most steps taken to prevent leaking water are common household checks and using services that eventually increase personal costs. Even after these methods are taken they may still miss areas throughout the building making water leakage another issue in the future. This is why installing a water monitoring system for the building owner is very important. It picks up unusual behavior in your water system when you are unable to and focuses on prevention rather than fixing the problem.

Many different water monitoring systems have helped building owners prevent leaking water. DRiY by Ark Labs is different than most water monitoring systems because it uses artificial intelligence that allows you to control your water supply even away from the building by using an app on your phone. DRiY is easily installed and can fit in almost all plumbing throughout the building. It is designed to learn the water use in the building and can immediately detect minor leaks up to pipe breakage that can cause great water damage. Once an abnormality has been detected DRiY will immediately notify your phone and let you shut off your water supply with one click. Along with water control away from building the app tracks how much water you are using as well as the time and area where most is being used. This allows the homeowner to be mindful of their water usage and makes efficiency in cutting back on spending and wasteful usage much easier.

For more information on DRiY visit our website.

DRiY the Smart Water Valve for Commercial Buildings

Regular water meter valves usually require understanding the valve, learning how to do a leak detection test (contingent on the type of meter you have), and learning the different methods to detect the location of a leak, also using professional services that can be costly. But you can cut down on your water meter bill by installing a smart water water valve. This is why you should install DRiY by Ark Labs.

Once DRiY has been installed it immediately learns the water flow of your home and detects abnormal behavior and leaks. Once a leak is detected your phone will be notified immediately and allow you to shut the water off with your phone since it’s a smart water valve. This allows you to save time by eliminating the manual steps taken when reading and locating leaks with a regular water meter due to the smart technology used to power DRiY. Not only does it function as a smart water valve, but it functions also as a water meter since it constantly monitors the water usage of the commercial building. DRiY then collects data and it is readily viewable through charts on your phone. For more information on installing DRiY for your smart water valve visit our website.

DRiY the Water Consumption Meter for Commercial Buildings

Majority of businesses and commercial buildings rely on water consumption meters that are located in outside concrete boxes in the ground. These can be inefficient to use because they require locating and learning how to read the specific meter. This is why all commercial building owners should install DRiY by Ark Labs.

Regular water consumption meters can be tricky to learn how to read and operate but DRiY uses artificial intelligence that makes it a smart water consumption meter. It simplifies the process of tracking your water use and makes cutting back on water and spending much more efficient. It cuts down on majority of the manual steps taken required when measuring how much water is being used in the building.

It does this by easy  installation and immediately monitoring the water flow of the building. It also constantly monitors the water flow so it independently learns the water use in the building. What makes it a smart water consumption meter is how DRiY is linked to an app on your phone. The constant monitoring allows DRiY to collect the data of your water use that is then portrayed on your app and easy to read through charts. This makes locating and learning how to read a conventional water consumption meter not as necessary because the information has been simplified and can be accessed from your phone, even when you’re away from the building.

For more information on using DRiY as your water consumption meter visit our website.

Commercial Water Usage Monitor by Ark Labs

Typically in commercial buildings or businesses, owners will look for ways they can prevent water leaks or cut down on water bills. Most water monitoring devices focus on identifying leaks so the owner can fix the problem. Preventing water leaks is not the only issue of water in the home. Cutting back the costs of water bills is also something all owners want to do so they have more money in their pockets for other things. This is why DRiY is the best water usage monitor to install in buildings. It is not only a leak detection system, but it tracks your water usage through artificial intelligence. This allows you to visually see how much water you are using, location where most water is used, and the amount of time water is used simply by looking at your mobile app.

How Does the Water Usage Monitor Work?

DRiY learns the water usage of buildings by constant monitoring. It is linked to your mobile app where this tracks how much water you are using, location of usage, and time spent over various time periods. This information is then used in charts so the user can easily see how much water they are using. This makes cutting back on waste and costs much easier and efficient.

Benefits of Using DRiY by Ark Labs for Water Usage Monitoring:

  • Less time spent thinking about how to cut back on water costs
  • Increased mindfulness of how and where to cut back on water usage
  • Smaller water expenses
  • More money in your pocket for things you enjoy
  • Water leak prevention and water usage understanding through the simplicity of DRiY smart technology

Detect Commercial Water Leaks

Every business and commercial location wants to save money and cut back on waste of resources like water. They want to do this in order to cut back on their total production costs. A way to do this more efficiently is by installing DRiY by Ark Labs to safeguard your business. DRiY is more advanced than most water leak detectors because it uses artificial intelligence to power it.

Once DRiY has been installed it immediately starts monitoring the water system of your business. It also constantly monitors the water so it independently learns the water flow. What makes DRiY even more great is how it’s linked to an app on a smart device. So once a leak or any abnormal behavoir has been detected it will immediately notify the app and allow the user to shut off the water in case a leak is happening when the owner is away and unable to control the water leak. This is a huge benefit of using DRiY because many times water leaks occur in commercial buidlings while the owner or other people are away, so now the business no longer has to worry about undetected leaks and damage as the result.

Many owners will benefit from using DRiY that range from local shops, dental offices, schools, municipal buildings, company offices, etc. For more information on using DRiY to detect commercial water leaks visit our website

DRiY the Commercial Water Leak Tester

Some of the leading commercial water leak testers- devices and professional services have provided great services to businesses and commercial buildings. But many times they can still be costly in time and money that could be used elsewhere. To further the efficiency of leak protection for your building you should install DRiY by Ark Labs.

DRiY by Ark Labs is a commercial water leak tester that is powered by artificial intelligence, making leak prevention, protection, and detection much more effective. DRiY is easily installed and can fit almost anywhere in a building. Once it has been installed it instantly starts monitoring the water at a constant pace. This means that DRiY independently learns the water system and doesn’t require any sort of command in order to learn the water- and it requires no costly professional services. There are many benefits to this but they greatest one is how much time and money you can save by cutting down on all of the extra resources used for leak protection, as well as most of the manual steps typically required to safeguard buildings.

Ark Labs wants to assist businesses in saving time and money while safeguarding the building. For more information on using DRiY as a commercial water leak tester visit our website.

Preventing Commercial Water Leaks with DRiY

Many frustrations come from owning a business and one of those is water leaks. Water leaks are almost come as a surprise forcing the business to focus their attention on the leak and away from the work to be done. This is why Ark Labs has created DRiY to protect businesses from leaks and help them save time and money.

DRiY fits almost anywhere in a building and it immediately starts monitoring the water at a constant pace. Which allows it to independently learn the water flow of the building and saves time for the user because it doesn’t require a command. DRiY is also linked to an app on your phone so when a leak has been detected it will instantly notify the user and allow them to shut the water supply off no matter their location. The benefit of this is that the user has 24/7 control and no longer has to worry about returning to an extensive leak and harmful damage.

There are many benefits to using DRiY to prevent commercial water leaks but the main ones are how much money and time the business owner will save by simply cutting back on manual steps and relying on professional services. To learn more about preventing commercial water leaks with DRiY visit our website.