Can You Produce Water?

In our developing world, how can clean water be in such scarcity? Water is the most abundant resource on Earth, yet 783 million people do not have access to clean water. The lack of clean drinking water kills six to eight million people annually, could we would try to find a way to manufacture potable water? Scientifically, this is impossible to create a natural resource but could there be a better way to collect water without a filtration system that half the world does not have access to?

An Austrian startup company called Fontus, created a self-sufficient water bottle that pulls the water vapor out of the air to fill the water bottle. This water bottle gives you the liberty to go anywhere you want without the concern of running out of water. Not only is this water bottle beneficial for hikers and explorers, it could help people in developing countries that do not of the capability to access clean drinking water.

The Fontus water bottle attaches to your bicycle and while your biking to school, work, and for leisure. It will collect water from the air so you can stay hydrated throughout your day. There are 37.5 million gallons of water moisture in the air. Fontus wanted to be able to build a device that could harvest water from the air and help regions where drought and unclean water is an issue.

The Ark Labs gives you the freedom to go anywhere you want to explore as well. We offer a device that is capable to turn off your water while you are away from home. With the help of Fontus and the Ark Labs we are able to make great strides in water innovation and technology.

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