Bringing the Internet of Things to Commercial Building Water

The internet of things is a continually growing market that gradually makes all elements in our world more and more connected. As we see increased connectivity we are also seeing a move towards smarter homes that makes our everyday lives more efficient. Ark Labs has expanded the internet of things by creating DRiY. DRiY is a smart water monitor that is multipurpose and allows you to have control over your water from any given location.

DRiY is powered by artificial intelligence that allows it to eliminate almost all of the manual steps taken for leak detection and prevention. It does this by independently learning the water flow upon installation. DRiY is also linked to an app on your phone, since it constantly monitors the water use it collects this data that is then viewable on your app. This alleviates having to rely on a conventional water meter to see how much water you are using because the data is already available at your fingertips. Also, DRiY is connected to your water shut off valve so whenever a leak or abnormal water behavior is detected your app will be immediately notified and you can then shut off the water supply from your phone, even away from home. This makes the issue of undetected leaks and finding a leak after an extended period away from home something a home or business owner no longer has to worry about. Which then saves money that would otherwise be wasted on damage and increased water bills.

The internet of things is continually expanding and making commercial buildings smarter and efficient. For more information on using DRiY as your smart water monitor visit our website.