Being A Step Ahead Of Your Water

It’s a lot easier to spend a small amount of money before  water damage than spending a ton of money for repairs after water damage.

If the insurance industry pays out $5 billion in claims every year due to water damage, imagine how much money could be saved by getting ahead of that damage.

DRiY by Ark Labs uses machine learning and water monitoring technology to learn your water, know your water, and prevent water damage via leaks, burst pipes, etc.

By using DRiY in hotels, hospitals, and other large entities, more and more money is saved and more and more items are saved from water damage.

By being a step ahead of water damage, we prevent ourselves from being a step behind.

Let’s say a hospital has experienced a significant leak in their Intensive Care Unit. Their machines are ruined, their beds are ruined, the floors are ruined, the sofas are ruined, the television are ruined… the list goes on and on. The hospitals is out thousands of dollars and they are several steps behind when it comes to serving patients.

If the same hospital installs a DRiY device, whomever manages the facility will be alerted via the Ark Labs app next time a problem occurs with the water flow – before a leak causes severe damage on an entire floor. DRiY will learn the normal water usage of each floor on the hospital and detect when something goes wrong.

By investing in a DRiY device, a small amount of money is spent to be a step ahead of your water, saving time and money. When public hospitals save money, tax payers save money – it’s a win for everyone when we are steps ahead of our water.

By ignoring the possibility of water damage, we open the door for it to hit from anywhere. By acknowledging the possibility and putting ourselves a step ahead, we close that door and prevent the spending of thousands of dollars and hours upon hours of time.