Avoiding Water Meter Leaks with DRiY

Sometimes commercial buildings and businesses can experience leaks with their water meters in the concrete box. When this happens, it can make your water bill exponentially high and leaves you confused on how to handle it. Ark Labs has developed DRiY that will avoid this confusion and save time and money.

DRiY is powered by artificial intelligence making almost all of the manual steps taken for leak prevention unnecessary. When DRiY has been installed it immediately monitors the water system and independently learns the flow of your building. It’s linked to an app on your phone so the constant monitoring allows for DRiY to immediately notify your phone when a leak has been detected, large or small. So even when there is a leak in your regular water meter, DRiY will detect this and allow you to shut off the water supply even away from the building. The benefit of this is immediately stopping the leak, saving time and money. Also, this saves time from having to determine if how you should go about turning the leak off or leaving it to professionals.

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