Ark Labs Smart Water Monitor

Ark Labs has recently developed a water monitoring device named DRiY, installed with an artificial intelligence system which allows users to control the flow of water in their home from anywhere. Even when you aren’t home, your smart phone is able to fully control the pipes in your home. DRiY is designed to be capable of fitting with all piping systems and can fit almost anywhere. The AI powered system is able to automatically detect a copper pipe leak and notify you if there is any sort of abnormality in the water such as a small object, quick changes in pressure, or abnormal water flow. A system like this in any home could potentially save you a lot of money and prevent your home from disaster.

In addition to keeping your pipes safe and your home dry, DRiY is also intended to conserve water and save money. The artificial intelligence system learns the patterns of when you use water, how much water you use, and where the source of the water is. You are also able to toggle patterns and water usage in the DRiY application on your smartphone. This allows for maximum efficiency and compatibility. The longer you use the device, the more familiar it will be with your water usage patterns, increasing effectiveness even more extensively.

The Ark Labs smart water monitor is easily a great investment for anyone looking to save money, conserve water, and prevent home flooding. No other water monitor system is comparable to the many functions of the DRiY, such as being able to automatically detect a copper pipe leak, notify you through an app on your phone, learn your water usage patterns, and much more. DRiY fits right in with our current technological era with its unique smartphone application, and device adjusting setting within the app. This unique device would definitely benefit any homeowner who gets their hands on it.