Ark Labs smart water device offers ‘road map’ to conservation

Every home, every building, every company, every office, every person that uses water is in need of a smart device that monitors that water.


Everyone can stand to take a few steps in conserving the 1 percent of water on earth that is available for human use.

Yes, you can take quicker showers, use rain water to nourish plants, and flush your toilets less. But what if you aren’t taking steps in the right direction?

A smart home device like The Ark Labs device is the “road map” to water conservation.

Rather than you guessing which areas you waste water in the most, The Ark Labs can show you exactly which areas you need to concentrate on.

Does your daughter take two extremely long showers a day? Well, The Ark Labs will learn that and show you that. Even further, it knows when she takes those showers and how much water each shower takes, so if way more water than that runs at those times, you might have a problem, and our device can shut your water off.

So, you can recognize those patterns and take intentional steps to cutting back in order to save your water and your money, but you can also save yourself from any extra money because of a water leak and water damage.

What if no one in your family is home except the crew working on your house and all of a sudden, The Ark Labs alerts you that water is running? Well, you could have a leak or you could have a few people hopping in your shower.

No matter how simple or ridiculous the case, the point is, you can have control of where your water is going and how you can make those habits more efficient.

Don’t step out blindly anymore when it comes to knowing your water. Use the “map” Ark Labs is offering to learn your water, save your water, and change your part of the world.

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