Ark Labs Rolls Out New Name For Device: ‘DRiY’

Ark Labs has been working on a brand new name for our smart home water monitoring device.

DRiY was designed with you and your home, your business, your schools, your hospitals, your restaurants, and your families in mind.

The  name originated from the idea of keeping your space dry and safe from any type of water damage. The “i” is to show the connection to the internet and the device’s membership in the internet of things club.

DRiY is most easily related to Nest, Canary, and Birdi, which are all smart home devices as well – but none of them focus on water, and that’s where DRiY is changing the game.

At Ark Labs, we like to keep things super innovative and super simple at the same time, so we want to give our product a name that gets the point across and that just “drips” off the tongue, if you will.

DRiY easily fastens onto your water valve, whether it be in your home or larger office building. It connects to WiFi and sends information to your phone via the Ark Labs app, which you can download in the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. Once you set it up, which has been made easy for you to do, DRiY will start learning your water usage patterns and alert you when something is abnormal.

For instance, if water usually isn’t flowing at 2 p.m. in the middle of the day, DRiY will send you an alert so that you can either let it know someone is at home using the water or shut your water off from your phone, no matter where you are in the world, to prevent any small leaks or burst pipes from damaging your entire space.

DRiY can also be used to aide you in better water conservation habits. By learning your water usage, you can see what areas you are using water in the most – because it shows you specific outlets your water is coming from – so that you can alter your patterns and save more water for yourself, for your area, for future generations, and for other areas that need it most.

DRiY is preventing water damage and high water bills while helping you reduce your carbon footprint and leave the world better than you found it.

Ark Labs is ready to make your home smarter and give you peace of mind in knowing your home will stay DRiY even when you are not there.