Ark Labs Prevents Leaking Water

Ark Labs has developed DRiY which is a smart water monitor and makes preventing leaking water even more efficient. The way that DRiY does this is by being powered by artificial intelligence and eliminating almost all the manual steps taken for leak prevention. Once it’s been installed it immediately learns the water system of your commercial building independently. It’s also linked to an app on your phone and once a leak or abnormal behavior has been detected your phone will instantly be notified and allow you to shut off the water supply from your phone.

Benefits of DRiY for Preventing Leaking Water:

  • Immediate notification of a possible leak
  • Preventing long term water damage
  • Lower expenses on water bills
  • More time enjoying life and not worrying about annoying leaks and damage

Disadvantages of not using DRiY:

  • Preventable leaks that cause long term damage
  • Unnecessary spending on higher water bills and repair
  • Time spent finding resources to prevent and fix damage

For more information on preventing leaking water with DRiY visit our website.