Ark Labs Pitches At Alabama Launchpad Finals

Ark Labs CEO Robbie Hillis pitched in the final round of Alabama Launchpad on Thursday night in Auburn, AL.

We competed against four other companies for a portion of $250,000: Alabama Sawyer, ClinPrep, Linc Research, and Book-It Legal.

While we were not selected as the Alabama Launchpad winner, we consider it an honor to have made it to the final round of the competition and to get even more exposure for our impressive product.

We received a lot of great feedback from the judges and other participants that will only help to continue to propel us forward with the production and selling of DRiY by Ark Labs.

CEO Robbie Hillis spoke about several exciting deals we are working on right now with several homeowners, hotels, and sales representatives. We are also in talks with some military personnel about another exciting project.

The judges asked Robbie several questions concerning where we are in production, who we are selling to, and what are focus is.

“Our system is fully operational,” said Robbie. “This is an off-the-shelf purchase.”

Robbie also said that several devices have been sold to and installed in a hotel, and the hotels eventually want one DRiY device in each room.

As for our focus, we are hoping to replicate our wholesale model for sales representatives. But we are not married to selling to one particular entity. We want to explore where the greatest need is for our product and then solve the problems there.

“We are trying to learn about all possible scenarios that are out there because we don’t know what we don’t know,” Robbie said.

We can’t know where the greatest problem is until we explore all our options, so that’s our plan right now.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in the Alabama Launchpad competition and look forward to the progress we will make moving forward.