Ark Labs is Thankful For Our Year of Growth

It has been quite a year for us at Ark Labs.

We have been around the world and have met some amazing people along the way.

We want to look back and show our gratitude for all the people and places who have grown Ark Labs so much in such a short period of time.

  • Brain Power Behind Ark Labs

There are so many great minds behind Ark Labs and the water innovations we are working on daily. From the CEO to the employees doing HR and finance to the engineers, coders, and investors, it takes a team to make the Ark Labs solution possible. The dream turned into an idea and now it’s a reality.

  • Adventures

From Chattanooga, TN to Germany to Portugal, members of the Ark Labs team have gotten to attended accelerator workshops, water innovation competitions, and technology summits to tell the world about our product and to learn about other people who we can help and can help us. It has been an amazing learning experience and we have made friends and memories that will last forever.

  • Local Opportunities

Ark Labs has been fortunate enough to work with so many different organizations and our own, local university here in Florence, AL. We have enjoyed being a part of The Shoals community and spreading our ideas and values to help the community grow. When we started the company less than two years ago, we had so much support from the community and we plan to continue to give back by helping other local startup companies learn and grow.

Finally, we are thankful for you and your support. Thank you for following our journey and spreading the word about Ark Labs. We hope that our device can be a small step for a big change in the world of water and just in the world in general. Without you, the word wouldn’t be spread and the interest wouldn’t grow.

We thank everyone who has believed in Ark Labs since the beginning and will continue to support us as we make an even bigger splash in towns and cities everywhere.

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