Ark Labs’ Definitive List of Detecting Water Leaks

When to comes to water leaks Ark Labs has many conventional tips on preventing leaks but we also encourage installing DRiY to simplify this process for yourself.

Water Leak Detection and Prevention Tips:

  • Watch for unexpectedly high water bills
  • Look for mildew or mold forming in the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room
  • Look for bubbles in wallpaper or paint
  • Look for warped, sagging, or stained walls and ceilings
  • Look for cracked or sagging floors
  • Sense musty or earthy smell that won’t go away
  • Damp or muddy puddles in the yard
  • Do a pre water test
  • Do a screwdriver test
  • Check the dishwasher and clothes washer hoses
  • Look under sinks for water puddles and stains
  • Replace washers and gaskets and indoor and outdoor faucets
  • Check toilets for leaks

As reliable as these steps are they can be time consuming for individuals with busy schedules. This is why Ark Labs has created DRiY to simplify these processes for homeowners. Once DRiY has been installed it independently learns the water system of your home and allows you to control your water supply 24/7. The way it does this is by being linked to an app on your phone and constantly monitoring the water. Once a leak or abnormal water behavior has been detected it will immediately notify your phone and allow you to shut off the water supply simply but using your app. For more information on using DRiY to detect and prevent leaks visit our website.