Ark Labs Commercial Water Meter Leak Detector

There are many benefits to using DRiY by Ark Labs as a commercial water meter leak detector. Many of these devices have become dated but DRiY is powered by artificial intelligence allowing it to be the most efficient and economical way of protecting commercial buildings from water leaks. Also, it does away with almost all of the manual steps taken for tracking the water use and preventing water leaks.

DRiY is easily installed and fits almost anywhere in the commercial building. It starts immediately monitoring the water flow at a constant pace and independently learns the flow of the commercial building. DRiY is also linked to an app on your phone so the constant monitoring allows it to detect micro leaks to catastrophic leaks and will immediately notify the app. Once the app has been notified you can then shut the supply off with one click on your phone.

Not only does DRiY operate as leak detection device it operates as a water meter. An annoying part of checking commercial water use is by relying on a water meter in a concrete box outside in the ground. DRiY is constantly collecting and transferring water data to your app so you can easily see how much water is being used on your phone. The data is easily readable by charts and eliminates having to locate and read the meter outside.

For more information on using DRiY as your commercial water meter leak detector visit our website.