Aquabook: Creating Awareness

While water conservation is a global topic right now, it is important to remember that conserving water does not apply when it comes to the body. In fact, most people do not drink nearly as much water as they are supposed to. The body is made up of almost 70% water. Each day the body can lose as much as 8 cups of water. Therefore, we must drink at least that much water to make up for what we lost.

Water is used throughout the entire body. It is used in cells, organs, and tissues. It helps us maintain all our bodily functions. People could live without food for a few days, but we would not make it without water. Staying hydrated is one of the most important things for the body, especially during the summer time.

Aquabook is a company that understands people’s needs. During the summer, most people are on the go or headed to the latest adventure. The problem is that some traditional water bottles do not fit our needs. Aquabook is a slim bottle that is made with quality ingredients and resembles a tablet. We never leave the house without our gadgets; now we have no excuse to leave without our water bottle!

Aquabook was created as a solution to the problem of bottled water. The use of these plastic bottles increases every year. This waste ends up in our oceans when we are done with them. Not only that, it takes more water to create the bottle than the amount of water in the bottle itself! Additionally, the claim that bottled water tastes better really does not hold much truth. The quality is usually inferior to tap or filtered water and definitely more expensive.

Aquabook is a company with a sustainability mission at its heart. This bottle can be refilled over 1,000 times a year, uses less raw material than bottled water to be produced, and its factory uses less energy and emits less greenhouse gases. Aquabook strives to help people stay healthy and hydrated. Additionally, according to their website, “We want the Aquabook to create an awareness for our most precious resource on the planet: water.”

Companies such as Aquabook understand the importance of supporting Earth’s ecological balance. This company also strives to create awareness for consumers so they can do their part for Earth as well.

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