Add New Spark to Your Smart Home with an Electric Water Shut Off Valve


Water! You use it every day in your home without even thinking about it. However, if there’s an issue within your water system, and the damage to your home can be tremendous. Ark Labs has created a solution that can help you not only monitor your water usage but also turn the water off with ease if a problem occurs.

Ark Labs new water system monitoring solution, DRiY, works with artificial intelligence software to keep track of your water usage. It learns your habits and patterns as they pertain to water usage and then alerts you of any anomalies via an app on your smart phone or tablet. This allows you to see how much water you are using and when you are using it. It also gives you a heads up when there is a potential problem or leak in your water system.

That’s where the second part of Ark Labs DRiY becomes essential. The system has an electric water shut off valve which allows you to turn the water to your home off remotely. You can use the DRiY app to turn the water off whenever you suspect there might be an issue. This gives home owners peace of mind whether they’re traveling or just away for an evening. If you are alerted to potential problems and can act to prevent water damage to your home from a remote location, you can feel more comfortable while you’re out.

Today’s 21st century smart home requires smart products and solutions that will work alongside the advanced technologies we have available. Ark Labs DRiY solution does exactly that. It allows home owners to monitor water usage, control the system using the electric water shut off valve, and have the reassurance that their homes will be free from unforeseen water damage. If you would like more information about how DRiY can benefit you in your home, contact Ark Labs today.