A Water Leak In Your Home Could Mean Years of Damage Control

So, you found out you have a water leak in your home?

Water leaks mean water damage and water damage means stress and money and time lost.

A water leak in your home is the beginning of a long horror story that you will have to deal with every day. Whether it is a water leak in one room, two rooms, or the entire house, you have to do immediate damage control and you may have to go as far as to stay in a hotel and be away from your home for as long as it takes.

If you are like Stacey, you know that it may be years before everything is repaired after water damage strikes.

Stacey’s daughter lives upstairs and kept shoving things into the freezer instead of taking them out and rearranging them to fit properly. One day, a bag of frozen berries was the final straw. The berries stopped up the freezer and it leaked, ruining the upstairs kitchen and part of the living room floor downstairs.

Stacey and her husband John had to use their Hawaii savings money to pay for the water damage. John is a carpenter, so he told her he would repair the water leak damage. He repaired the downstairs living room floor immediately, but the upstairs kitchen floor is still missing tile where the leak occurred.

So, a year later, Stacey is still staring at the damage that a water leak in her home left behind.

A water leak detector and whole house water monitoring device like DRiY was designed for people like Stacey and for condominium owners and restaurant owners and universities and so on and so forth. No one wants to deal with water damage for one single day, let alone one year, and with DRiY, water damage is a thing of the past.

With machine learning, WiFi connection, a remote shutoff valve, and connection to your smart device through the Ark Labs app, you have the power to defeat water damage and restore your peace of mind with a simple click on your smart phone.

Meet your new best friend, DRiY: thearklabs.com.

Stay DRiY!