A Christmas Eve Water Leak

The last thing you want for Christmas is a water leak that puts you out of your home and keeps you from spending Christmas at home with your loved ones.

The nightmare of coming home to a flooded house on Christmas Eve became a reality for Susan and Joe last Christmas.

Susan and Joe were visiting Joe’s family in Texas the week before Christmas and they couldn’t wait to get home on Christmas Eve to start preparing for Susan’s family to come over the next day to celebrate.

When they walked into their Alabama home, they couldn’t even get through the door because the whole place was flooded.

While they were gone, there had been a leak in their kitchen, and they had no way of knowing. Their Christmas tree was ruined, their floors were ruined, and so many pictures from Christmases before were absolutely destroyed.

Instead of spending Christmas with family in their cozy home, Susan and Joe would be staying in a hotel, and Susan’s family would have nowhere to sleep when they got into town.

A water leak can ruin a home or an office or pictures, but it can also ruin a moment or a memory or a holiday celebration. You can’t ever know when a leak will flood your home… if you aren’t prepared.

But you can prevent a water leak from leaving you with severe water damage by getting ahead of it and being prepared.

An Ark Labs DRiY device was designed exactly for moments like the one Susan and Joe experienced.

If they would have had a DRiY device on their valve, they would have gotten an alert on the Ark Labs app telling them something was wrong – and that’s when they could have told DRiY to shut their water off via their smart phone… all the way from Texas.

With DRiY, their memories wouldn’t have been ruined and their Christmas wouldn’t have been spent in a hotel.

Don’t be like Susan and Joe – install a DRiY device and make sure all your Christmases are merry and bright.